Image of the magnetic chessboard with the checkers of the checker on it; beside the empty custody of the ladies and the custody with chess.


Image of the magnetic chessboard with chess figures placed on it; beside the custody with the ladies and the empty chess case.

Note: the images above show only the magnetic board; the interlocking version is the same except for the coupling of the chess pieces, in fact on the chessboard there are the holes instead of the magnets and under the pawns there are the pins instead of the magnets.


Our best chess and checker board!

Blind and visually impaired will only appreciate it!

Wooden tactile chess board with protruding dark boxes. Each light and dark box has a hole or a magnet in the center where the chess pieces fit together thanks to a metal pin or a magnet placed under their base. While for the checkers of the lady it is sufficient to place them in the low, clear boxes.

The chess pieces are distinguishable thanks to a metallic relief placed at the top of each dark check.

The checkers of the checkers are distinguishable thanks to a relief, light pawns, and to a recess, dark pawns.

- Material: chess board and wooden chess pawns, checkers of the plastic checkers.
- Chess board size: 30.0 x 30.0 x 2.0 cm.
- Chessboard game area only size: 26.0 x 26.0 cm.
- Single box size of the board: 3.2 x 3.2 cm, the dark are raised compared to the clear 0.3 cm.
- Chess pawns: the axes have a metallic relief on the head.
- Checkers of the checkers: the clear have a plastic relief in the center.
- Height of checker piece Re: 6.5 cm.
- RE check diameter: 2.7 cm.
- Checkers height: 0.8 cm.
- Checkers diameter: 3.0 cm
- Chessboard weight and pawns: 1.20 kg.

- Chess coming from India from which they spread through Persia, were introduced to Europe by the Arabs, between 700 and 900.
- The game of Lady was born in France around the year one thousand and then spread throughout the world in many variations.

Interlocking chessboard:


PRICE: € 66,00 no VAT.

Magnetic chessboard:


PRICE: € 90,00 no VAT.