Immagine del cellulare monoblocco FELIXPHONE con vista sul lato frontale.

In an increasingly complex world it is sometimes necessary to go back to essentiality and simplicity!

FELIXPHONE is a real return to ease of use!

Finally a simple cell phone! Accessible to all!

If we do not want a smartphone, with FELIXPHONE we can easily manage calls and messages, thanks to the large and very tactile keyboard in relief or with a simple voice command key.
The removable lithium battery has a considerable duration!
FELIXPHONE is Multilingual!

FELIXPHONE is a mobile phone designed not only for the blind and visually impaired, but also for the elderly who have difficulty in sight, hearing and memory, for illiterate people, since it is speaking, and in general for all those people who have problems using classic mobile phones or smartphones.

All the proposed functions are designed for extreme ease of use.

Voice guidance, together with a simplified user interface, make FELIXPHONE a mobile phone that allows you to communicate easily with everyone.

The phone speaks and tells you the keys you press and everything you select on the screen, also has the voice command, ie you can give commands with your voice, and FELIXPHONE executes your orders, for example you can say: "Call Raul or Silvia "," write a message to Ale or Elias ". But if you want to manage FELIXPHONE manually, press the well-marked raised keys, enter the address book (contacts), and the phone reads the stored names and found what you are interested in just press the call key and start the call.

When you get a call or a message, FELIXPHONE tells you the phone number or name, if stored in your address book, of the person who is calling or who sent a message, the message, then if you want, FELIXPHONE will read it .

FELIXPHONE is a monobloc mobile phone, with screen and keyboard.
- Screen: excellent reading quality, large display with high color contrast, easily readable even on very sunny days.
- Keyboard: has been specially developed to improve accessibility, ease of reading and pressure, thanks to large keys with high tactile relief.

Summary of main functions and technical specifications.

Voice control: as well as manually, thanks to the excellent touch of the keys, you can access the main functions of the phone simply with the help of your voice, such as enter or call a contact in the phone book or dial a number.

Telephone Status: through the voice synthesis the device provides the time, date, battery status and the network signal.

Phonebook: allows simplified voice storage of the name and the user number.

Calls: with a few simple commands it manages the missed calls, the received calls and those made.

SMS: manually or with the voice command you can write text messages and send them quickly and easily and also listen to the messages received and sent.

Other functions: 4 alarms and the voice recorder.

Settings: easy management of volume and date and time settings in total autonomy.

Dimensions: 13.1x5.7x1.18 cm.
Weight: 108 g.
OS: FelixPhone AV.
Processor: Dual core, 1.2 GHz.
SIM Card: Micro SIM.
RAM: 512 MB.
Internal Memory: 4 GB.
Sensors: Proximity Sensor and G-Sensor. Battery: 1500 mAh.
Screen: 2.8 inches (QVGA).

What's in the box:
MicroUSB cable.
Power supply.

FELIXPHONE, from Italy to the World!
A return to the past for an easier future!





PRICE: € 288,00 no VAT.