Image of the vibrating and sound pocket battery power bank seen from above.


Image of the drawing of the vibrating and sonorous pocket battery power bank seen from above with indications of power on-off and inputs.


When the power outlet is not there, no problem, there is Power Bank!

Power Bank, a rechargeable battery, has also been designed to make it totally usable by the blind, visually impaired and anyone with visual impairment. It can be used to charge a variety of digital devices including iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android smartphones and tablets, Bluetooth headsets, MP3 players, GPS and more.

Main features:
- Several acoustic or vibrating signals indicate the battery charge level.
- Sound or vibrating confirmation of connection and power supply via USB between Power Bank and the connected device.
- Sound or vibrating confirmation of connection and power supply via micro usb between Power Bank and the power source.
- 2 reversible USB output ports to easily connect any USB charging cable without worrying about the orientation of the plug or the direction of the cable.
- 1 traditional non-reversible micro usb port.
- Simply pressing a button switches between sound mode and vibration mode.
- Tactile surveys for easier accessibility.

Technical features:
- High capacity of the battery: 15000mAh capacity that allow you to charge a smartphone 3 times.
- 2 intelligent, smart, reversible USB outputs: they allow the charging of two digital devices simultaneously and effectively with the optimized charging current; used simultaneously can at most deliver 3000mA total.
- 1 x fast reversible micro USB input: the special 2000mA input current facilitates the faster recharge of the Power Bank.
- Safety and reliability: the overload protections, over-voltages and intelligent short circuits guarantee the highest levels of safety and reliability.
- Compliance and compliance with international regulations: CE and FCC compliant.

Technical specifications:
- Battery type: Lithium-polymer.
- Battery capacity: 15000 mAh at 3.7V.
- Output power via reversible USB: 5.0V Smart DC with 3000mA max. [2] 5.0V DC; 3000mA max. [1 + 2] 5.0V DC; 3000mA max.
- Input power via micro usb: 5.0V DC; 2000mA max.
- Dimensions: LxWxH 14.5 x 7.0 x 2.0 cm.
- Weight: 295g.

Included accessories:
- Micro-USB USB charging cable (supports transmission up to 3000mA and data transfer).
- Transport bag. Note: Below, after the code and the cost, some additional information on the power bank.


PRICE: € 68,00 no VAT.

General information on power banks.

What is a power bank:
A power bank is an external battery that can be charged via a USB cable from a power source, such as a laptop or wall charger.
Once charged, the power bank is used to supply power to any electronic device (smartphones, tablets, cameras, camcorders).
The Power bank is very useful, portable, universal and has small dimensions.

What does mAh mean:
The mAh size indicates in the Power Bank the maximum charge that can be accumulated from the battery. mAh is the abbreviation of "milliAmpére per ora" and indicates the "capacity" of a rechargeable battery over time. For example, if a battery is 800mAh it means that it can supply a current of 800mA continuously for one hour. The higher this value is, the more powerful the battery is and the longer it lasts.
Our vibrating and sound Power Bank has 15000mAh!

How to choose the right power for your power bank:
Choosing a power bank with a high mAh value means that a high level of energy can be stored and therefore the device can be recharged. To find the power bank that best suits your needs, it is advisable to choose one with the capacity at least equal to or greater than that of the device to be recharged. For example, the battery of an iPhone X is 2716mAh.
Our vibrating and sound Power Bank has 15000mAh!
The amps indicated in the USB output port of a power bank determine the speed at which the device will be recharged.
Besides choosing the right capacity, it is therefore also important to choose a power bank whose output current is similar to that indicated on the battery charger of your device. Normally, with a smartphone, a battery charger is provided that supplies a current of about 1000mA. With the tablet, however, a battery charger is provided that supplies a current of about 2000mA. Recharging a tablet with a 1000mA output power bank will entail slightly higher charging times than a 2000mA power bank. There is no problem in using a 2000mA output power bank with a smartphone, because the output current is controlled by the voltage, which is always 5.0V, a value expected from the specifications of the USB ports.
Our vibrating and sound Power Bank has the output current (output) of 5.0V and 3000mA.

How to recharge power bank:
The power bank can be charged from a power source such as a laptop or wall charger, or via a USB cable. The charging time of a power bank depends on its capacity and the accepted incoming current (input). If the input current that the power bank accepts on the USB port is less than 1000mA, the charging time, besides not being an estimate, will lengthen considerably.
Our vibrating and sound Power Bank has an input current of 5.0V and 2000mA.