Image of the sound light detector with a view of the upper surface, where there is the only key, which if held down, communicates the presence or not of light.



New sound light detector: lets you know if there are lights in the house and in which direction they are located.

Just press the single button of which it is equipped and emits a continuous sound that changes in intensity and acuity based on the presence or absence of light:
- The more the sound is low and there is less light, so the tone of very low sound means that there is no light.
- The more the sound is sharp and there is more light, so the hint of high-pitched sound means that there is a lot of light.

Thanks to the wide range of sounds that can emit allows us to know if a room is dark or if there is a chandelier lit, if natural light enters the window or if the lights of the appliances are switched on or off.

The light detector, which is comfortably in the hand, is equipped with a hole that allows us to use it as a key holder and therefore to have it always available for use on any occasion.

Technical details.
Dimensions: 7.0 x 3.0 x 1.5 cm.
Weight: 24 gr, battery included.
Power supply: a CR2032 flat battery, included.


PRICE: € 28,00 no VAT.