Image of the talking dropper leaning on the table while a person through a pipette drops the drops inside his cup.


 • Finally we can count the drops in a simple and precise way!

• Here is the first talking dropper that allows blind and partially sighted people to reach a complete autonomy in the counting of drops of any type.

• A simple and effective talking tool, small and easily transportable to be an autonomous example even when traveling, at work or on holiday.

• The talking dropper uses the "capacitive" principle and is able to count every drop that we drop into the appropriate cup.

• Operation is really simple and immediate. Just turn the ignition wheel that allows you to also adjust the volume of speech, wait for the message "ready", then drop the drops in the appropriate cup. Each drop that reaches the fund is recognized and counted, the voice announces "one, two, etc.", at any time we can have a feedback on the number of drops paid by pressing the only button present. Once the operation has been completed, the wheel is turned anti-clockwise to the off position, the cup is removed from its housing and any water can be added to dilute the drops or pour them into a larger glass for greater convenience.

• The dropper is certified and uses a patented counting system that does not receive any interference from the outside, such as noises and movements deriving from the possible shaking of the user's hands, it is made of plastic suitable for food use.

• The cup is housed in a deep recess which prevents accidental overturning and furthermore before use it must be fixed to the device by turning it clockwise until it is completely blocked.

• The dropper has adjustable volume and there is also a 3.5 mm socket for connecting earphones or external speakers.

• The dropper is available in Italian and on request also in the following languages:
English, German, French and Spanish.

• An audio guide is always available in the dropper that provides the main instructions on how to operate the device.

• Technical description.

• The electronic dropper device consists of two components:
• • A central body with an ABS roughly semispherical plastic shell with a diameter of 7 cm on top of which there is a cylindrical hole useful for housing a special cup.
On the side of the device there are a knob, a button and a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack headphone connector.
• • A plastic cup PA12 with a cylindrical outer shape with a diameter of 3 cm and a height of 3 cm. The side edge has a truncated-conical structure so as to slightly restrict the opening of the cup with respect to the bottom.

• The device is powered by two AAA mini-stylus batteries and contains:
• • An electronic system for detecting and counting drops of liquid.
• • An audio system consisting of an amplifier with volume selectable using the knob on the central body, a speaker and an audio output for headphones.

• During use the user turns on the device by turning the knob to adjust the volume, and will use a drop dispenser (pipette or other) to introduce the liquid into the glass.

• Each detected drop will be counted aloud using the built-in speaker or headphone output.

• The button on the central body of the device starts the reproduction of the last message (for example the last value counted).

• The system is equipped with a circuit for the detection of the battery charge level. In the event that the remaining power is low, the user will be notified by an audio message at power up.

• Basic language: Italian.
On request: English, German, French and Spanish.

• Patented and certified assistance.

• Dimensions: 7.0 x 7.0 x 7.0 cm.

• Weight: 130 gr (including batteries).

• Power supply: 2 AAA mini-AA batteries (not included).



PRICE, to be defined: € no VAT.